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KINGPAK Company Brief


          Founded          Nov. 1997
          Headquarter   Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
          Capital             US$ 60 million
          Chairman        Joe Liu
          Employee        700+

  • Established in 1997, Kingpak Technology Inc. had become one of the major supplier in IC package assembly  
    services.   Kingpak   possessing  cutting-edge  technologies  and  innovative  products,  provides  the  timely
    solutions on flash memory, CIS, MEMS, and RF with the turn-key service.

  • Being well-known in the industry for the CSP technology, Kingpak has proven market share in light and  thin  packaging  technique;  not only  is  Kingpak  the  worlds  first  memory  module  with Tiny BGA packaging technology, but also one of the leading companies in PIP and CIS packaging technology in Taiwan.


  • Kingpak management team is solid and well accredited with 15 years industrial experiences on average.

Kingpak Milestone


1997/11  Kingpak was established in 10th November 1997 in Taiwan.
1997/11  Kingpak was approved to register under the Company Law in R.O.C with paid-up capital of Three Hundred 
             and Ninety-Nine Million and Nine Hundred Thousand New Taiwan Dollars.


1998/05  Developed the technology of FBGA and 16MB DRAM was mass-manufactured.
1998/07  IPO, and increased paid-up capital to One Thousand and One Hundred Ninety-Nine Million New Taiwan 
1998/07  Developed and mass-manufactured world first Tiny BGA memory module.
1998/08  Developed the technology of FBGA and mass-manufactured 64MB SDRAM.
1998/09  Developed the technology of Tape BGA.
1998/10  New factory in Chu-Pei was built, and mass-manufactured.
1998/11  The subsidiary company was established in U.S. since 1998.

1999/01  Kingpak was accredited ISO: 9002 since 1999.
1999/08  Developed the technology of MCM package.
1999/10  Tiny BGA ‘s Level Ⅱ reliability test passed.
1999/12  Cooperated with Kingmax Semiconductor Inc. to develop and mass-manufacture Dram Module and won the
              award of Taiwan excellencein


2000/03  Developed the technology CMOS Image Sensor(CIS) & Stacked MCP.
2000/04  Subcontract with Huyndai for IC assembly service.
2000/05  Expansion the facility for CLASS 10.

2001/01  Passed Lead-Free package process.  
2001/01  Kingpak was accredited ISO 9001 & QS9000.
2001/07  Pilot run ok for Compact Camera Module(CCM) for CMOS.
2001/08  Image Sensor R-LCC package JEDEC Level 3 Qualified.
2001/08  Same Size Stacked CSP JEDEC Level 3 Qualified by Customer.
2001/09  Lead Free for TFBGA JEDEC Level 3 Qualified by Customer.
2001/10  Cross License with Micron.
2001/11  Developed CSP Window BGA,ranking #1 domestic package house with DDRII mass-manufactured  


2002/09  Developed the world first technology of Product in Package (PIP) and applied to the mass-production of SD  
              Cards, MMC Mobile, etc.

2003/03  Developed the world first technology of color package
2003/07  Developed the technology of Same Die Stacked, mass-manufactured high capacity 512 MB SD MMC Card. 
              Testing service was available. Provided package and testing turn-key service to customers.
2003/08  Mass-manufacture of the product of CMOS Image sensor.
2003/09  Kingpak was accredited ISO: 14000 since 2003.
2003/11  Mass-manufacture of Digital Storage Cards.


2004/01  Developed the technology of DDR Central Pad Die Stacked, increased the capacity of DRAM.
2004/02  Small-quantity production of Compact Camera Module (CCM).
2004/03  Kingpak was accredited ISO: 9001 since 2004. 
2004/05  Provided ODM service of RS MMC Memory Cards for Samsung.
2004/09  Developed the high speed MMC Memory Cards. Increased paid-up capital to One Thousand and Three  
              Hundred Forty-Nine Million New Taiwan Dollars.
2004/11  Developed 2GB SD Card.
2004/12  Mass-manufacture of ultra-thin (0.70 mm) LGA (Land Grid Array).


2005/03  Developed Micro SD Card (T-Flash).
2005/03  Mass-manufacture of DDRII SDRAM. T5593 was equipped.
2005/08  Mass-manufacture of 64/128 MB Micro SD Card.
2005/09  Development and mass-manufacture of CLCC (5M Pixel).
2005/10  Development and mass-manufacture of Auto Focus CCM (2M Pixel).
2005/12  Mass-manufacture of 256 MB Micro SD Card.
2005/12  Developed Kingpak’s standard CMOS Sensor product by implementing Micron and Samsung’s sensor 
              roadmaps in order to apply to mobile phone and notebook camera.


2006/03  Mass-manufacture of 512 MB Micro SD Card.
2006/08  Developed Notebook Camera VGA Module (60x8x6.5mm)
2006/08  Mass-manufacture of 2 GB Micro SD Card (4 stacked dies).
2006/11  Developed RF Module 4x6mm with 4 pcs RFIC Developed RF Module (4x6mm with 4 pcs RFIC).
2006/12  Mass-manufacture of 4 GB Micro SD Card (8 stacked dies).


2007/03  Developed Notebook Camera Module (1.3M Pixel).
2007/03  Approved by Investment Commission, M.O.E.A., Taiwan to invest and establish subsidiary company 
              Truepak Electron (Guangzhou) Ltd. in China in 2007.
2007/04  Developed AF Module with MIPI application.
2007/04  Developed UMPC AF Module (2M Pixel).
2007/05  Developed PLCC (8M Pixel).
2007/06  Developed Auto Testing Machines for CMOS Sensor.
2007/11  Developed molding glass camera module.
2007/11  Developed DVB module (Digital TV)


2008/02  Developed GPS module.
2008/04  Developed ultra-thin video module (Sensor or PCB).
2008/08  Kingpak was accredited ISO: TS16949 since 2008.
2008/09  Developed wafer’s reconstruction on OEM’s basis.
2008/11  Developed MEMS microphone.
2008/11  Withdrawal from being listed in the emerging stock market.
2008/11  Developed auto testing machines for image and DC sensor (VGA to 5M Pixel).
2008/12  Developed IBGA & ILCC on OEM’s basis.


2009/02  Developed ultra-thin TPLCC for ultra-thin panel for notebooks LED.
2009/03  Developed MEMS pressure sensor assembly.
2009/06  Developed MEMS pico projector device assembly.
2009/08  Developed MEMS gyroscope assembly.


2010/01  Developed Wafer Lens Module package.
2010/10  Mass manufacture of IMBGA/IMLCC package.


2011/07  Mass manufacture of IMLCC 3M pixel.


2012/02  Mass manufacture of IMLCC 5M pixel.
2012/05  Trial run of Wafer Lens Module package.


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